[SELLING] ICC Birthday Vouchers!

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  1. Hi EMC!
    I am selling ICC Birthday Vouchers for 3.5k a piece, but I'm willing to negotiate. You can only get ICC Birthday Vouchers from his Birthday Cake Parkour Event. I have 32 that I am willing to sell. Please reply to this thread if you would like to buy for 3.5k a piece and how many you will want, and I will set up an access chest for you at 3582 on smp2. If you would like to negotiate a price, PM me and we can talk, so we do not junk up this thread :)
  2. I would like to buy 1 :)
  3. What do the vouchers do? I've been out of the loop, so sorry if this is a stupid question. :p
  4. Could you reserve me one? I cannot come on until Monday, unfortunately
  5. Yes, I will. When I see payment from you, I will set up the access chest.

    All good :) The vouchers do not do anything, they are a collectible. They will not be given again, unless ICC decides to another Birthday Cake Event next year.
  6. I want 2 please
  7. Ok! When I receive 7k from you, I will set up an access chest at 3582 :)
  8. Ooh, I love useless stuff from admins! Put me in for one.
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  9. I want 2 please ;) I've paid..
  10. When I receive payment, I will set up an access chest at 3582 :)
  11. Both of them are ready for pickup at 3582 on smp2 :) Follow the teleports
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  12. Can you make sure that "Emmalex" can open the chest?
  13. Yes, I will put both names on the access chest.
  14. Nice,Thanks
  15. I would like one
  16. I would like one. Paying you now. =)
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  17. I think I'll buy later one, can you upload a screenshot?
  18. Paid for 1, I can collect on Monday :)
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  19. Chest is set up at 3582 :) Just follow the teleport
    When I see 3.5k from you on my rupees history, I will set up an access chest at 3582 on smp2
    Sorry, no screenshot :( I can tell you I have 25 left (might sell a few more depending on the interest rate) Everyone that has bought from this thread can say that I have provided them with what they ordered.
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  20. yes, I know you won't lie :) . I just want to know how they look like, what text, etc.