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Will you/Have you buy/bought a Sponsership?

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm creating a hotel with 14 rooms, and the building is about finished! I am still in need of doors (if you donate to me a bunch of doors, I'll give you a free Gold room [1 Month] Msg me for more info), but I am partly done! (I finished the roof today).
    But one thing I had planned all along, was to have a Sponsership. Here is the info
    Minecraft Sponsership.png

    My residence is 3619 on smp2. Go to the Hotel Section (even though it says it's closed) and go to the room you desire and buy a sponsership!
    If I'm not online, I'll just go check my rupee history. Send me the sponsership through the mail, and I'll put it up as soon as I can. I will be making a forum page for my hotel soon, when it's done. :)
    If the sponsership chest is empty, or it isn't in the room, it means the room is already bought. Hurry to get the best room!
    Buying a sponsership is a great thing to do, because it helps you get more customers from all the people that view it. The best thing is that it's permanent. So go buy a sponsership today! :D Thanks!

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