[SELLING] Horses!

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  1. Selling horses pm offers weather it be on the forums or in gameEDIT: pls use the forums i wont be in game for a day or so

    Highest speed im selling atm (probably will get higher still restocking atm) 130 speed

    The slowest horse i sell is 127 (i also sell 128 and 129)

    The highest jump i have atm is 99 jump (again still restocking, my dancers dont wanna give me anything good :p)

    Also selling health horses 30 health is the highes is have in stock

    Speed donkeys! 125 speed is highest in stock

    Im not selling mules atm sorry

    Preview chests on my res (smp5) and the horse will be mailed to you shortly after payment.
  2. Bump

    I need to sell these to get money to buy my daily meal of 47385728 big macs