(selling) Horses/Mules/Donkies (just regular ones with quality and different colors :3)

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  1. Hello Emc, As you all read I am selling just regular, non promo, but quality, horses, donkeys and mules. The horses I am selling come in many different colors :). If you want to look and see what colors I have for sale, go to 19019 on smp9, Walk into the Horse Veiwing Teleport, and see what colors of horses I have :)If you want a horse and I am not on EMC or you want to contact me through the forums in a PM, and tell me what color, HP, Speed and/or jump you'tr looking for in a horse/mule/donkey and Ill see if I have it. If I do not have one that is the one your looking for, I will tell you about one that's close to it, or if there's nothing close at all, ill just say to try somewhere else :). Prices range from 100-300r for a horse, and 200-400 for a donkey/mule. Thanks for your consideration, Electrobomb Number Of Orders so far: 1
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  2. I haven't gotten any orders yet :( Bump.
  3. I would like one donkey with moderately high speed and jump.
    I am willing to pay 500.
    Thank you.
  4. I have sent you a pm jacob :) Also, i am about to change some things in the intro SO READ IT OVER AGAIN!