[SELLING] Horses,Mules and Donkeys oh my!

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  1. Yes, I used a wizard of oz reference. Lets get down to business
    First come first serve
    Horse: Ranging speeds from 82-109, jumps 62-74, health unknown, colors: Almost every single one.
    Costs: 100r each

    Mules: Ranging speeds 96-103, jumps 71-74, health 20-24
    Costs: 150r each
    2013-10-27_14.20.00.png 2013-10-27_14.20.20.png 2013-10-27_14.20.31.png
    Donkeys: Ranging speeds 87-92, jumps 54-76, health 22-24
    Costs: 200r each

    When you enter the plot, you go to the fences and there will be chests
    Plot number: 1386 SMP 1
  2. Changed the prices, and the speeds for all animals have increased!
  3. Been a long time since I updated this, well right now the shop is closed to make a NEW HORSE MALL, with a very big system, you'll be able to find a certain color you want, speed, jump, or health quickly, adding horse armor AND saddles also. Will add a randomizer if you don't care for colors speed jump or health, look out for it! Mall res number will be posted when open or when working on it