[selling] Horses based on stats; with grading suggestions

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  1. I think it's time to get organized on the bulk sale of horses. I am open to modification of my system, but I think it's a good start because it's been pretty hard to set up and advertise a horse shop for me.

    Anyone can afford a horse and saddle.

    I have horses under 200r, but they are C grade stats. I Have B and B+ horses from 300-450r.

    C would mean 65% and less jump and 80% or less speed or health lower than 20 without any extraordinay jump or speed

    B would mean 90% and less speed and 65% or better jump and health 20 or greater

    B+ is 90% or better speed and 75% or better jump and health 24 or greater

    These are without regard to coloration at the moment for simplification of bulk purchases

    A or A+ or better have either speed above 100% with jump above 80% or vice versa and health above 26 but are not fixed for price at this time

    I haven't deceided what I am doing with donkeys and haven't started breeding for mules. I'm open to suggestions and requests

    I can discount purchases of greater than 10 and I can take orders based on grade and coloration with reasonably quick turn around. (in a day or two I could make a LOT of grade B or C horses)

    For those of you who wish to also buy a saddle with your horse, I will sell them with a horse at an extra 400r, but will not sell multiple saddles for a discount. I may need to raise that price if demand jumps based on this thread.

    This is all new, so I am looking for feedback as well as orders. Please tell me about your prices or method of statistical organization. I won't even be upset if you offer to under price me, but I am more interested in your opinion of market values.
  2. Is anyone else even thinking about breeding for improved stats?