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  1. I'm looking to sell my limited Horse ManEwwEr. It is a rare promo, as only 6 exist. I'm looking for around 1.25 mil, but I'm open to negotiate. 2014-08-17_12.46.25.png
  2. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you manage to get half of the amount you're looking for currently.
    I'm not posting this to bash, but the price you're asking is just outrageously high as it is merely a collectors item.
    For example, the highest I saw a piece of pyramid (4 items) go for was 800k, but that sale was never made.

    Anyway, good luck~
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  3. It went for 900k if I am correct.
  4. I was told by several people that they were worth 1.5 million when I went around asking, I was just going by what they said.
  5. BailiB is right, for some reason the price of rare items has skyrocketed. 1.25 seems pretty rare to me.
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  6. While it does not hurt to ask for that amount, and I have seen people post or make comments to you that this is what they are 'worth', remember that there were less pieces of the pyramid, and they sold for around 800k each (or so rumor has it)
    As there are more of the ManEwwEr out there (6) I would estimate that it would be around 500k.
    Keep in mind that the 'event' items, may or may not turn up in the future :D.

    Back in the day when there was only one of these in existence, the top offer was 750k.
    Now with six of them being around, I am sure the rupee 'value' is much less.

    However, as with any sale with a rare item, get as much as you can for it!
    My recommendation, have people send you offers and pick one if you are comfortable with it!

    Good luck man!
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  7. That, instead of throwing out a number that scares away possible buyers :)
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  8. Bloodra1n, please close this thread. I'd like to make another sometime soon with a better format/pricing for it. Thank you.
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