[Selling] Horse Gear (on sale)

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  1. Hey EMC! I am selling all horse gear at smp 9 res 18912. All horse armor is on sale 500r off! (Great Deal!) and saddles and leads are just sold cheap in general. The horse gear stall is right at spawn so just stop in and buy some armor! This gear is only on sale for 3 more days, so buy fast! :)~Potato
  2. Bump. 1 diamond left, lots of gold left, 8 iron left. :D
  3. (Just a fyi you might want to put what server and the residence number. :) )
  4. Maybe you ought to say the prices on here,like most people.
  5. Well they are actually there :)
    I bought them like 30 mins ago:
    iron for 1k
    gold for 2.5k
    dia... don't know, didn't buy one
  6. Cause he edtied it...
  7. Now all mob heads for sale in the mob head stall.
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  9. Hmm.. okay. When I checked it out, it was there :p
  10. Diamond is all gone!