[SELLING] High Stats Horses

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  1. "Long Beach Horse Shop" @ smp4 8028

    The horse shop for all your horses with good statistics!

    4 area's to shop around:

    Area with 'yellow carpet' = Speed and specials!
    Speed horse from 117 up to 130
    Fast mules and special (balanced) breeds which are horses with 2
    or more good stats. And derp horses with really really bad stats

    Area with 'red carpet' = Health horses!
    Horses that can take a hit and survive most falls.
    From 27 up to 29 HP for sale! Max HP is 30.

    Area with 'blue carpet' = Jump horses!
    From 80% up to 94% jump horses.

    Area with 'no carpet' = Misc and mules
    Saddles, leads, normal mules and stuff to breed horses yourself.
    And of course sugar to tame your new bought horse.

    I restock daily, but please keep in mind that the really high stat horses are rare and sold out pretty fast. If a chest is empty, comeback anytime or simply buy a lower stat. I have fair balanced prices and far from over priced. I do take requests!

    If I am online and home, feel free to ask me to put the best egg of the chest in front for you before you buy anything. For example, you going to buy a 125% speed. Well, feel free to ask me to put the egg with the best jump or HP stats of the 125's in front.
  2. Bump and for those we came by, thanks and enjoy your horse :)