[Selling] Hardened Clay Value Pack

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  1. This value contains 6 colors of hardened clay at 9 stacks a piece! Thats right, you get 9 stacks of each of the following wonderful colors!

    Price: 8,000r OBO (Or best offer)

    Everything sold for now, will work on restocking of the value pack :)
  2. Also Selling a God Rod!!!

    Enchants: Lure 3, Luck of the Sea 3, Unbreaking 3

    Price: 10k OBO
  3. Can I buy god rod please
  4. Demon bought the rod, will update the post above if I get another.
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  5. Best offer would be like, 7.5k. Payment will be from boozle628.
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  6. Ill take your offer :)