[Selling] Hardened and Stained Clay

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    Hardened Clay + Stained Clay For Sale.

    Current Stock levels - Current Price/DC:

    Hardened Clay: 9 DCs - 7k/DC
    Orange Stained Clay: 15 DCs - 6k/DC
    Red Stained Clay: 7 DCs - 6k/DC
    White Stained Clay: 2 DCs - 6k/DC
    Brown Stained Clay: 3 DCs - 6k/DC
    Light Grey Stained Clay: 3 DCs - 6k/DC

    + More, will detail more later.

    * Minimum order size: SC (Single Chest) *

    * FREE Delivery *

    I will also mine clay to fill orders if you tell me in advance, and allow enough time for me to mine it.

    Please post your order with the following info:

    1. Which clay's you want
    2. How many DC's of each you want
    3. Your SMP and res # for delivery
    4. Total price
    5. Confirm you have chests setup to hold it.

    I will soon have a shop set up to buy individually, or in stacks if you do not want to buy in bulk.
    Please be patient. :) ATM, I have overflow of clay that needs to go.
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  2. UPDATE: Updated Stock levels, added the small amount of other Stained clays currently in stock.

    PS. If you don't like this price. please message me what you'd be willing to pay. It'll give me an idea of where the price should be for the future.
  3. UPDATE: Reduced prices on everything.