[SELLING] Halloween Limited Items (Head Voucher, Blocks, and Scythes)

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  1. Recently, I released my alt's (Halloween_Head) head in a quantity of 10, it was Halloween themed and seemed to be enjoyed and well sought after, so I've thought up a few more limited items to go along with the other events I'll be hosting this month. Without further a due, here we go.

    Head Voucher
    Redeemable for any of Cory's accounts heads, excluding Halloween_Head.
    Price: 5,000 Rupees
    Quantity in Stock: 5

    Cory's Halloween Celebration Block
    Renamed gold block, comes with a Halloween_Head signed book.
    Price: 1,000 Rupees
    Quantity in Stock: 10

    Halloween's Scythe
    Renamed diamond hoe, comes with a Halloween_Head signed book with the story of the scythe.
    Price: 2,000 Rupees
    Quantity in Stock: 5

    If you are looking for some special items to display on your res to celebrate Halloween, you came to the right place.

    You can order any quantity of an item that you would like, except the Head Voucher.
  2. I'll take a sythe.
  3. ill take a sythe for 2000 pls mail it
  4. I'd like 2 Cory's Halloween Celebration Block and 2 Halloween's Scythes if you are willing to sell all that to me :)
  5. I'll take one of each :) will pay when I can get on later thanks if you can reserve it :)
  6. I'll pay now
  7. Payed for all
  8. I'll also take one of each
  9. If you still have some i'll take 1 of each plz :)
    I'll send the rupees when i get on later today
  10. Ill take the scythe i guess?
    pay when i get on plz mail it
  11. Funeral in 30 minutes, won't be home for a bit. Once I'm home I will distribute all ordered items
  12. Do you still have a Halloween head?
  13. No, all were sold.
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  14. wait so will i get one? with my scythe?
  15. The scythe and block come with a book signed by Halloween head along with the story of the scythe.
  16. oh, so u are out of the singular heads
    ok thanks :D
  17. The heads were sold in a limited quantity and for a limited time. Christmas heads will be released in December though, so be on the lookout.
  18. Do you still have any scythes? If so I'll take one. :)
  19. So what do you have left?
  20. Scythe sold out.
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