[Selling] Gunpowder

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  1. Not Selling anymore
  2. bump
    anyone interested i see most shops selling them for 25r
  3. anyone interested?
  4. Maybe it is better if you would have your own shop at your own res selling the gunpowder, then people can just go to your res and buy them :)

    It's better than delivering as most people dont need more than a few stacks of gunpowder.. And most are lazy to make a shop just for this purpose :p
  5. nah i like stocking shops as i m getting lots quick and want to sell it quick as well
  6. Fair enough. Also, i left you a PM :)
  7. You should put up a shop/chest so we can buy it. Would be much easier.
  8. ok everyone i now sell gunpowder at my res for 15r
    the price is 16 for 240r which is 15r each
    my res is 648 on smp1