Selling Green Krysyy Head.

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  1. I won this awhile back and it is time to sell it. So offers?
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  2. 1 Donut
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  3. What is the name?
  4. When I recieved it, it is named: krissyjane's head with no lore and stuff
  5. Is the name green?
  6. No but the skin is
  7. ok we should talk in game
  8. This could be a scam... You should check with staff.
  9. Not that Ted would scam, but the fact that the head is like a normal player head is kind of unnerving.
  10. Its not a scam. I won the same thing from Krysyyjane9191. Its one of her alts so ofcourse its a regular player.
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  11. Oh, ok.
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  12. I wasnt thinking of it being an alt at the moment of posting lol. I forgot that krysyy isnt green.
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  13. Getting on now
  14. Still have this head?
  15. No, was sold for 47.5k