[Selling] Golden Referral Block of Clickyness - Faith Inc. (SOLD)

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  1. PKx5JGn.png

    Sale of a Golden Referal Block of Clickyness from February 2014


    Who has the right to buy it?
    First come first served

    Historial Factors
    This block was first won & owned by SkydragonV8.
    It was obtained in a referal add banner click competetion.

    You'll get the block via the EMC Mail Service.
  2. how much?

    edit: nevermind lol
  3. You're selling it? Peoples better move quick... :confused:
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  4. Because I am such an awesome community helper, Blah blah blah

    I have a few of these piled up after all, so why have more than one of each kind :p?
  5. The block has been sold for 300,000r - I've already asked a moderator to shut down the thread.
  6. I got to it first =P
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.