[Selling] Gold Supporter Vouchers

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  1. So at /v +pp or /v 16247 on smp8 you can buy gold supporter vouchers in the very back of my shop. Just walk through the entrance and go straight but not down the stairs. It is surrounded in gold blocks where you buy them! So go and get yourself a gold voucher today!
  2. I am also now selling Iron
  3. How much?
  4. 245,000 rupees for gold
    120,000 rupees for iron
    The prices will go down if they are not selling well
  5. Thanks
  6. The iron supporter voucher is gone but the 2 gold vouchers are still up for grabs
  7. I'll buy a gold
  8. When do i pay?
  9. I had them up at my shop. Sadly the last one sold out this morning. Sorry. Keep watching as I might get some more in my shop.