[ SELLING ] Gold Supporter Vouchers, Dancers, and Voter's Gear!

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  1. The title pretty much says all! I'm looking to sell the following:

    1x Gold Supporter Voucher

    8x Unspawned Dancers

    1x Voter's Helmet

    1x Voter's Chestplate

    1x Voter's Leggings

    1x Voter's Boots

    PM me offers if you're interested in purchasing any items. No low ball offers please!
  2. Bump! Stock updated
  3. How much for a dancer?
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  5. Gold voucher 200k?
  6. Sure. I'll mail when payment's received
  7. How much for the full voters armor?
    EDIT: I'll PM you soon about it ;)
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  8. Voters armour is sold to me already :p