[Selling] Gold Supporter Vouchers 200K

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  1. I am selling a few gold supporter vouchers, if you would like any please pm me on forums or in game.
  2. Changing to 200K for the moment
  3. ill take 3 if you got them
  4. Sorry for late reply, they are at my 3rd res(7296 maybe). I can't come in game but will refund 30k since they are still 210k at chest
  5. just brought one. Would i be okay to get the 10k refund? :S (for once i'm low on r and scraping the barrel haha)
  6. Sure paying now to all people, also thanks guys!
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  7. Bump two left guys hurry before they are gone... and side note fixed the chest to be 200K
  8. 1 left guys! res number is 7592 and turn to the right and it is right there
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  9. annd they are out! thanks everyone who bought one!
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