[Selling] Gold and tnt :D

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  1. I'm selling gold blocks at 10002 on smp5 for 140r per block-15.5r per ingot-32 blocks at a time:)
    I can sell at different amounts also if you pm me on the forums:)
    I have 18 stacks in stock:)

    And for the tnt I'm selling it at 40r per piece with two dc's in stock:D
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  2. Bump again cause ya' know. yolo.
  3. Is the TNT sold at one each or in stacks as well?
  4. The shop sign is for one at a time but I can change it for stacks or half stacks :)
  5. Can you have one for half stacks please?
  6. I will do that when I get back on (15-20 minutes) :)
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  7. I shall reward you sign placement with the purchase of one and (maybe) a half stacks of TNT
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  8. We'll see......xD
  9. Lowered prices
    140r per block of gold 15.5 per ingot
    40r per TNT.
  10. can you also sell ingots?
  11. Just make them into ingots.
  12. I need less than 9 tho..... :p
  13. I'll set up different chests also :)
  14. Bump again :)
  15. Lowered prices :)
    TNT is 30r per block
    Gold is 14.4 per ingot (130 per block)
  16. Sale on gold for tonight only! 110r per block- that's 12.2r per ingot:D