Selling gold and iron

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  1. Selling Gold and Iron at my res at smp8, 17084

    Iron 199/stack
    Gold 599/stack
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  2. ya know, I like this shop. It had inventory. I needed both Iron and Gold and was looking. happened across this thread by chance and popped over. I would bump this post a bit every once in awhile while you have stock. Gold is gonna be very high demand soon. just sayin 1.9 is on the horizon.
  3. ..Can you PM me with the 'why' :p (Don't want to derail this thread. :) )
  4. Good news Satchiko!, More gold is refilled!!
  5. In my opinion it would decrease as there would be low demand to it as notch apples will not be crafable. To my opinion gold should rise right now and en go down.
  6. exactly, make the apples now cause when they are gone....
  7. Bought out the gold. Thanks :)
  8. Gold and iron refilled at 17084, smp8!
  9. Bought out the DC of gold, thanks :)
  10. Thank you xHaro!
    Come back if you want some more, i just put in another singlechest of gold!
  11. Out of stock :( I didn't buy it.