[Selling] God bow

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  1. I have a bow power 5, infinity 1, flame 1, punch 2 and unbreaking 3. I am selling it. The price I want is around 12k to 17k.If You have an offer pm me
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  2. Bump! I Also sell a dc of blaze rods for 17k-ish
  3. 15,000r is my offer if you get no others
  4. With 17k we have a deal
  5. I am auctioning it and is going for 12k
  6. i would have traded you a beacon for it =).
  7. I have another so i can trade with You just pm me!
  8. 17k is still pretty high
  9. Bump 3 bows left
  10. Ironic, I just bought the same bow type for 2k :p