[Selling] Glowstone

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  1. I have 30 stacks of 64 Glowstone and want around 33k.
    I am on smp9.
    Please buy it all in one purchase.
  2. Someone been busy in the nether :p, if no one is buying them try smp5 10030 Thecontroller's shop or Leowaste on smp2
  3. Ha ya :D, how much do they by them for?
  4. let me check give 5 min
  5. Thecontroller 4 for 80r, and Leo's 5 for 120r
  6. Nice , I might have to do that if no one buys.
  7. yea, if you want Mad Money but if you want to wait then do that, I know Thecontroller always looking for people to sell to him
  8. yea, I might try out Thecontroller's shop
  9. That is a lot of glowstone. :p
    How much do you have left?
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  10. All of it lol
  11. If you still have some you could try selling it at 9000 on smp4. I believe we buy glowstone for 22 each. You can also sell per 8.

    Hope to see you soon~
  12. Probably about to head over there:D