Selling Glowstone Cheap! Taking Orders

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  1. Taking Glowstone Orders!

    1 Stack:
    15r Per
    960r Per Stack

    2 Stacks:
    14r Per
    896r Per Stack

    3 Stacks:
    13r Per
    832r Per Stack

    4 Stacks:
    12r Per
    768r Per Stack

    5 Stacks:
    11r Per
    704r Per Stack

    Max Order:
    5 Stacks

    Any information needed? just ask!
    It may be a double because I put the wrong title!
  2. What is the Price For A Stack?
  3. 500 for 5 stacks
  4. 501r for 5 stacks.
  5. 600 for 5 stacks
  6. This isn't an auction.....stick to one price nfell so you can get orders asap
  7. 700r for 5 stacks
  8. How much glowstone do you have? Cause I need lots :p
    And 800r for 5 stacks?
  9. Updated OP! Sorry about that guys :confused:
  10. 5 stacks 3520 (The price Up at the price list)
  11. As soon as payment received I will do [ACCESS] chest
  12. NOTE: All other orders please post again with the correct price from the price list

    Thanks :p
  13. 5 stacks, 3520 r
  14. Hmmm i might order
  15. soon as payment received you get your order ;)
  16. payment sent.

    5 stacks, 3520. Again.
  17. Thanks Setting up a [ACCESS] chest on 9140 go into the clocktower hotel teleport pressure plate there will be a chest there