[Selling] Glowstone and Bottles o' enchanting (By the stacks)

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  1. I am selling glowstone for any of the uses you need!

    Glowstone stack- 1,000r

    To place an order, leave a comment telling me how many stacks you want of each item.
    Once your order is accepted I will then begin collecting the items

    Once payment is made pickup will be on my smp 7 res.
    /v FixedReflexes

    *You may only order up to a 3 DC at one time, will be removing xp bottles*
  2. I would like 2 stacks of glowstone
  3. Order accepted
  4. Once payment is made, chest will be set up
  5. how much are bottles o"enchanting?
  6. Well i wont do those but my friend will soon. :)
  7. How many glowstone do you currently have in stock?
  8. Well once an order is placed I will begin collecting the glowstone.
  9. If this is glowstone blocks (not dust), I'll take 6 stacks (6k).
  10. I'll take 10 stacks of glowstone.
  11. Order accepted! :)
  12. Are you online right now?
  13. Once payment is made access chests will be made! :)
    For the both of you!
  14. Paid.
  15. Your chest has been set up. :)