[Selling] Glass by the DC

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  1. Item: Glass
    Ammount: DC
    Price: 3,000r
    Stock: None atm

    Deals: Buy 5 or more DC and get a 200r discount per DC!

    I can get 10DC of glass per day if I try, so if you need it fast, get it here :D
  2. I'll take 2 DCs if you can work with me on price, PM me?
  3. 1 DC please, pm me when order is complete.
  4. My smelter is currently undergoing issues, once it is back on track I will have ur order done P1XEL
  5. Ok, need help fixing it?
  6. I have the person who built it fixing it, thanks though :)
  7. DAMJester?
  8. Nah, Kadboy.
  9. Is it done?
  10. No, he hasnt been seen in a day, and sadly he has all the sand I was smelting in order to fix it, I will get back to you on this later... I will go gather more sand and manually smelt it, expect it done within 2 hours.
  11. Lol, I look in manual furnace system and find I already have a DC of glass in there, sorry for my noobiness. Pickup is at 5212 Utopia once you have paid the 3k.
  12. will be done today seeing as I already mined the DC for p1xel, then found the DC in manual furnaces lol.
  13. Chest is set up at 5212 Utopia, please pay and pickup.