[SELLING] Gear and Enchanted Books!

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  1. So I'm finally posting about my gear shop on smp5. I've got all the books and all the diamond gear. I have made some special gear ready to go if you like it that way. If there is something you want me to add, just ask. Look around all the rooms and upstairs. It's designed to be a fun shop. I know prices have changed on books recently, so I will be lowering some of them here and there. Feel free to advise if you have an opinion.

    Free anvil use! And I'll do my best to keep some exp bottles in the shop. Look around, I keep them in different places. My main armor set is back in stock and I've added mending to the set. This does mean that the price is up a little.

    Update: Someone stole my +gear tag. I've added the tag +chum to make up for this.

    Come to SMP5 at 10941 or /v +chum

    See you in game!
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    I've added a mob head sale section to my shop. This is not a buy/sell. Just selling them until supplies run out. First come, first serve. This is about a year's worth of heads piling up.

    Not sure about prices, but let me know if something is really off and I'll adjust it.
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  2. So here is my latest special item and it's been a really long time since I've meant to add this:

    Ice Boots
    Protection IV
    Feather Falling IV
    Frost Walker II
    Unbreaking III

    5200 rupees

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  3. So Momentus just spawned in your zone and you try to kill him. But he laughs at you and as you swat him with your sword, he calls his zombie buddies over to smack you around.

    Get my Momo Tickler and tickle them back. Diamond sword with Smite V, Knockback II, Fire Aspect II, Unbreaking III and Looting III. 4500 rupees each!
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  4. Definitely going to have to check this out. There is someone starting a similar shop on smp7... finally :)
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  5. woot, go Chum! :D
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  6. Great shop, good price on the pick axe. I'll be back ,
  7. My smp5 shop was closed for a few days to do my crazy trade. The trade deadline is passed, so /v +gear at 10941 is back open to business. Everything is stocked up!
  8. Bump. Had to add a new tag: Please use /v +chum instead of +gear from now on. Some bonehead stole my tag.
  9. Bump. I'm running out of rupees! Please buy my junk.
  10. Come and get your gear and enchanted books!
  11. bump...new item. see above
  12. bump....mob heads added to the shop. Hurry, get them before they're gone. Limited supplies.
  13. bump, supplies are up and doing good. Don't forget to buy a mob head if you need one!
  14. Haven't added much to the shop, but I'm playing again a little and so most gear is stocked again. Let me know if you need something specific and I can help you out with that. Also....ghast heads are in stock at the moment. Come get one quick if you want before someone else does.

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  15. I've added Enderman Heads. I've got 4 right now. 10k each. Get them before someone else does.

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  16. bumping for new item! Check out the Ice Boots!

    Go to /v 10941 armor
  17. Just so you all know, I'm starting to bulk up on more stock. So far pickaxes are well stocked. I'll keep going to try to fill the whole store.
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