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  1. Approved By The Wonderful Miss Jane.

    I am selling a fully furbished zombie grinder. Ive never used it, so i might let someone else enjoy it more then i did.

    It includes the following:

    Small Farm
    Nether Portal
    Enchant Room
    Furnace/Crafting area with a bed.
    Auto kill/landing Pad.

    I cannot auction this off, due to Empire.us rules and moderator guidelines.

    I am looking for at least 7000 for it. I am willing to negotiate the price. Please send me a private message to me if you are willing to make a price/offer. Thank you.

    * The screenshots are too large to add, I will try to add smaller ones if possible*
  2. I'll take it for 6.75k?
  3. Depending on what server.
  4. This is on Smp2 server.

    ( Sorry i forgot to add that into the description )
  5. How far out is it? say, in minutes from spawn?
  6. Its about less than 5 minutes away.
  7. Alright. Will 6764r work?
  8. wait! ill pay 7k
  9. Wow these are still being sold, haven't seen one for ages... Perhaps I should sell some of mine, haven't used them in months!
  10. Pm me about it at 4:00 am eastern. I think that this one already sold..
  11. Ok, this cannot go into an auction, it is in the Rules. I will start a pm message on the website, so we can talk about it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.