[SELLING] Fully built and fully working blaze grinder SMP9

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  1. Anyone looking for a fully built blaze grinder, state your offers
  2. Screenshots please
  3. If its a double...
  4. its not a double, some things i should add, there is a wild town built there aswell near the portal with a few residents that may or may not still use the grinder. If your still interested let me know and ill post some screenshots
  5. oh and there is another spanwer about 50-60 blocks away
  6. Ummmm Sounds like mine LOL.... Please check the locked chests within the area...
  7. it is defaintly not yours, i found it from a spawner and had it built into the grinder which it is now. Only locked chest there is mine
  8. Oh Okay no worries!! :D
  9. Whats the price not saying im going to buy it just idk what they're worth.
  10. Im pretty sure this is around 10-15k.
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  11. It doesn't sound like you built it to me.
  12. sounds like its from slime town
  13. Wong its not from slime town and right i didnt build it, AC built it for him and i payed him, its mine. Im willing to let it go for 10k. Its on SMP9 not utopia so its not in slime town :l
    Every Calm down geez why would i try and sell a grinder that i dont own?? :/
  14. I'll give u 10k
  15. Ok send the money and ill send the exact co-ords to where the nether portal is. Once through the portal you litteraly cant miss it