[SELLING] Full Marlix Set

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  1. Armor + Bow
    PM me for details.
    Also, comment if you want pictures.
  2. 250 rupees
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  3. well if it's that low... 1k
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  4. 1.1k
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  5. it isn't an auction.....
  6. We kinda made it... Starting with this post :
    After my post of
  7. You guys havent noticed netherworld ignoring your posts? this isnt an auction, he wants serious offers for this stuff.
    Netherworld want to make a deal going off of our little talk?
  8. I would pay 15k, if no one else would buy it. These should go for well over 100k :p
  9. This cost 180k or 200k, but me don't have the r.
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  10. Everything is possible. PM me.
  11. And a bump for this thread.
  12. i just want teh bow :/
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  13. Here's to a bump.
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