Selling: Freedom blade (Dark and light blade) *READ INFO*

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  1. Yup selling 2 freedom blades but their is something very unique about one of them! Its a little hard to describe so i took screenshots :D
    2014-07-12_00.57.00.png 2014-07-12_00.56.50.png 2014-07-12_00.57.00.png 2014-07-12_00.56.50.png

    Well now that you have seen the pictures you are caught up ;) (The coloring of the reds are different in the 2 swords)
    No one i have talked to have the different version so i'm assuming its a rare accident?

    Pm me a price and we will negotiate

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  2. Whoops ignore the last 2 pictures...seems they duplicated themselves ;)
  3. Are you sure this is not just the light surrounding it? I recommend taking them both out and looking at them in your hand. They will most likely be the same, though you could post a screenshot of the titles of the Blades in your hand anyway? It may just be the light as nobody else has had this and I have not heard of there being two colour variants.
  4. I'll confirm that two different versions of the blade exist. The light red one is received through right clicking the chest from /promo iday, while the dark red one I'd bought from /shop.
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  5. I stand corrected. I suppose this was not intended? There are now four variants of the Blade... Chest, normal, do not claim and the darker :p Though, as this was not obtained by a glitch, I would suppose the prices of the darker and promo version as of now would be roughly the same at about 15k.
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  6. Uh ninja I got the dark one from a chest 0.o
  7. And I got a light red when I bought it from /shop...
  8. That's strange, I got a dark red when buying from /shop... Something fishy going on here? My /promo ones were all light as well :p
  9. I buy them at 15061. The should be the same price as I think the coloring of the red is somewhat random as I have a lot of both..
  10. Here is what I saw.
    Dark red = comes from shop.
    Light red = comes from claiming the promo.

    Armor, reds are the same regardless of coming from a chest or shop.

    Now this set is Customized!
    Independence DUB54 edition!

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  11. Lance is correct, he bought a SC of blades from /shop :3

    Here is my set (green and black and chests :p)