[SELLING] Freedom Blade Chest and 2014 Labor Bench

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services Archives' started by ArkWarrior1, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. I am selling the following items:
    • 2014 Labor Bench
    • Freedom Blade Chest
    If you have any offer for either, PM me and we can discuss from there.
  2. Why not auction them off?
  3. i feel i won't get as much for them, but after a couple days, I might
  4. Will buy the workbench for 14,000r :)
  5. How much do you want for them?
  6. I buying those 2 promo's at 3309 fyi :D
  7. ill sell the workbench for 15; i like to keep even numbers :D.
    ill take 15k for the bench and 40k for the chest
    ill look into that, thanks!
  8. Sure 15k illl do haha
  9. I can take that chest off your hands. :D
  10. ok, pay me and i will mail it to you!
    if you are willing to pay 40k, ill happily sell it. Please pay me and I will mail it as well.
  11. I'll buy the turkey slicer chest
  12. Will do so when i get on!
  13. it wasn't a slicer chest and i already sold it, sorry.
  14. I have paid you in full, my good sir

  15. Ok. i will get on and mail everything tonight. I have been sick and piled with homework the past week, so I couldn't get on.