Selling Fortune III + Unreking III + Efficiency V Diamond pickaxe!

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  1. Selling the diamond pick enchanted in :
    Fortune III
    Unbreaking III
    Efficiency V:)

    U happy now margaritte? ;)

    Selling the Diamond Pickaxe for the first person to give 15k for it!
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  2. Woot? I've changed it :)
  3. Much better. You know, if you left it standing as it was, a Mod would just come along and say the same thing I did, only they would also lock your thread ;)
  4. 15 thats alot and no auctions allowed just go in game go to local chat and then do your auction
  5. Every time I see anyone say "That's too much" or "a lot" for a high enchanted item like this I cringe a little. I had to go thru 3oo levels of XP to get my last one like this and that's after finding and making a XP farm, getting all the ingredients to make potions or food to be able to stay at the XP farm for HOURS at a time gaining xp. Oh yes..... and how are you going to enchant your stuff. Make the 30+ min one-way trek back to the safe house to your enchanting system. No, your going to have to make and enchanting room at the xp farm and then EVERY time you log-in your praying no one came along and GRIEFED all your hard work.

    15K to someone not smart or determined enough to go do all the above is a fair price. Maybe cheap even. :rolleyes:
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  6. I so agree nmanley!
  7. i didnt mean it like that its "alot" for me
  8. That's ok I was just saying in general. :)