Selling Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV pickaxe

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  1. The pick is unused.
    Price = Only for the next hour 19k
    You can collect the item from lot 4433 after payment.

    Money or diamonds are accepted. For diamonds I count 50r each.

    The to post here that he/she want is, gets it!
  2. The pick is still available!
  3. I will save up for it.I will be able to afford it in days
  4. I'm sorry, 32 days is too long
  5. Price lowered to 19k
  6. I'll probably be able to buy it in 5 days or less. If I can't, I'll let you know otherwise.
  7. And I suppose that this is a diamond pick?
  8. Alright. I'll do my best to get the money, and, again, I'll let you know if I can't buy it.
  9. Now, if I don't pick it up from you in SIX days, feel free to sell it, as I have declared the deal null and void. Deal?
  10. I'm sorry but if somebody comes to buy it right now, I'll sell it.
    If it's still for sale in six days, you are lucky.
  11. Wait...
    You said whoever says that they want it first gets it. Have I not said that I want it? Not to be rude, but I think I am doing you a favor with the six day thing.
  12. Sure you wouldn't have gotten it if you transfered the money right away.
  13. Well, I don't have the money right now. However, I just got a couple of new farms up and running, along with a cobblestone generator which I generally go AFK for 1 hour or more while using, along with a new, bigger shop. I am estimating that I will have the money in five days or less.
  14. You know what, the pick is yours, but you better make sure that I have the 19k in my account within 6 days.
    Ill give it to you in advance, so you might want to earn some money with it. But: you have to promise that you will pay me in time. Come to lot 4433 of SMP2
  15. I can't promise you anything, so just give it to me after I pay you the money. Breaking commitments after taking something like that pick in advance is not how I am, and it makes me nervous to take and/or use that pick before paying you for it. If it is just normally for sale, that's fine with me - go ahead and sell it. I don't need it THAT badly. Also, I don't want to go through this much hassle, and I know you don't either. Just sell it to whoever gives you the money first, and I hope that it happens to be me.
  16. I think you're a nice guy, so I'll keep it for you. Just come to my lot if you have the money then :). As said in my first post, I will also accept diamond and count them as 50r each.

    This pick is SOLD :)
  17. Thanks bro. Again, if the money isn't in your account in six days, go ahead and sell it to someone else.
    (the money may be in multiple transactions.)
  18. If you don't mind, please send it all at once. I don't feel too keep track of all transactions ;)