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  1. Ever wish you had fortune III on your tool? Sick of constantly getting one resource per block you break? Worries are over! Now, you can buy fortune III books to put on your favorite tools and never worry about being ripped off by the game again!

    Just use this order form and I'll respond to you ASAP with your order! Delivery is free to any residence, just setup access and put it in your form :)

    Price per Fortune III book: 1,500r
    Order limit: 2 DC of fortune III books

    Username -
    Amount of books -
    Price -
    Delivery/pickup -
    If delivery, SMP/Residence -
  2. Price dropped to 1,500r.
  3. Username - secretlondon Amount of books - 1 Price - 1,500 Delivery/pickup - pickup
  4. Done & ready for pickup on SMP1 @ 1148.
  5. paid and picked up. Thanks
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  6. Username: BlueVault13
    Amount: 3 Books
    Price: 4500 rupees
    I can pick up the books ^_^
  7. Sorry for the wait, done & ready to pickup on SMP1 @ 1148.
  8. Please pickup sometime soon.
  9. I would love to but I'm currently on holiday until the 5th of Nov
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  10. Username: huckleberry24
    Amount: 10 books
    Price: 15,050r
    Can you please mail? I have included 50r in price..