[Selling] Fortune III Ench books CHEAP

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  1. Fortune III books => 695r
    Silk Touch books => 380r
    Efficiency V books => 970r

    Best prices anywhere, always fully stocked
    SMP4 Gweeedz 8548
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  2. I have to say, I love your shop. My friend told me about this place, and I'm glad he did. The random enchant book & bow chests are a really nice touch, as well! I have to buy at least one every time I'm there >_<
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  3. Thanks DeathPunchKitty, I'm glad you like the shop.
    Be sure to bring your spare stacks of carrots and potatoes next time, I am buying them now!
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  4. Fantastic shop Gweeedz !
  5. Thank you Cadgamer, I appreciate the support.
    I think I have things covered with the basic picks/swords/axes and enchanted books and now a public anvil to combine. I guess it would be good to provide XP bottles a s well right?
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  6. These are the cheapest books I've seen on EMC.
    Highly recommend you check out this store!
  7. Best enchant book shop on EMC I Buy all of the books I need from there. Highly recommended :D Good work Gweeedz!