[Selling] Fortune 3+Unbreaking 3+Efficiency 4 - ten of them

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  1. New diamond pick-axes, "Fortune III + Unbreaking III + EFficiency IV"

    I have ten of these; I will sell them for 9500 each, or make me an offer for more than one of them.

    I'm prepared to discuss offers.

    Please either "start a conversation", or contact me on SMP9.

  2. There's not been much interest so far, so I'll reduce the price to 8500.
  3. Ill take the lot at 5K each
  4. Thanks for that offer; I've had a few other enquiries, so I will see what happens with those. If they don't start selling (in the next day or so), I'll certainly contact you. Thanks again.
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  5. Sold one; still have 9 left though
  6. Sold 3, 7 left