[Selling] For 1.3 *ender pearls for 7r each*

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  1. At a recent auction, a large number of ender-pearls went for about 12r each.

    I have a lot of Ender-pearls, so I am selling them for 7r each.

    I think they will be wanted when we update to 1.3. So, they're there, for now - at least large 3 chests-full

    SMP9 19000
  2. any way u can put them in stacks herbrin?
  3. Yep, I'll sort something out when I get home in about 10 mins; I'll make 2 signs or something.
  4. Actually, no; they're selling so fast, I'd rather leave it at 1.

    No offence, it just gives everyone a chance.

    Ender pearls, 7r, on SMP9 at 19000
  5. ahhhh it was annoying to buy an inv of them
  6. Sorry; I know what you mean; all that clicking is annoying :-s

    But if I make it "64 for 128", one person will eat 'em up before I can re-stock; and I'd like everyone to have a fair suck of the sauce!

    If you want to buy lots (ie, stacks or chests-full) - just ask; I can make a special chest.

    For now, they're still 7r each - to everyone.

    SMP9 19000
  7. Thanks for understanding :)

    If anyone does want several stacks for 112 per stack, just let me know. (They stack in 16, remember; 16*7 = 112).

    If anyone wants a large chest-full, I'll sell that for 5000r, which is less than 6 rupee each. (5000/54/16 = 5.89r)
  8. ill buy the large chest for 5000
  9. Sure, no problem. (I have several large chests full)

    Do you want to pick it up on SMP9, or shall I deliver it somewhere?
  10. u can just leave it on ur res somewhere ill pay u now
  11. As soon as the system is back up, I shall put it in a chest for you and update this thread.
  12. Herbrin3 what do you mean by ' they will be wanted when we update' ?

  13. Ender pearls are used to create the new "Ender Chest" which, I think, will become a very important aspect of minecraft. Ender chests are crafted by putting an eye of ender surrounded by obsidian, but when you break the ender chest, you only get the obsidian back, and lose the eye (unless you have silk-touch).

    Therefore, as long as you have a bunch of eyes of ender with you, you can keep making an ender chest to store valuables safely as you go.

    An eye of ender is made from an ender pearl + blaze-powder (made from blaze rod).

    See http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Ender_chest
  14. can i buy like 16?
  15. you do know you dont use an ender pearl to build the chest right?
  16. Yes but You need an ender pearl to make an eye of ender.
  17. i know
  18. ...
  19. you also need blaze powder to make the eye of ender