Selling Floors @ 10250, SMP5 2 Giant Sky Scrapers

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by BenRenton30, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. I have now finished 2 giant sky scrapers on smp5 @ 10250. I am now auctioning floors 5,6,7 Of the sky scraper on the left. Bidding starts at 750R For floor 5, other floors will be auctioned after floor 5 is sold. Private message me for any information or if you would like to Buy It NOW. The floors size is 17x17x3 which is enough to fit 68 Chests with loads of shopping space. The floors are mainly being auctioned for you guys to build your shop there or a little appartment. Put Your Bid Below Or any questions, Thanks Ben

    Please visit anyway, even if you want to just have a browse. The sky scraper on the right contains a Factory, Bank, Job Center, Casino, Restaurant, Auction House and a Board Room. The sky scraper on the left is the one which has floors for sale, the three bottom floors are my shop/store and then the fourth is the restaurant connected with the other sky scraper :)

    Sky Scrapers, SMP5 10250.jpg