[selling] Fishin' rods

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What should I supply next?

pufferfish and other fishing loot 2 vote(s) 66.7%
enchanted rods 1 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. 1.7 is almost to EMC so I have prepared a little business while I have spare time during this weekend I will make a temporary supply co. selling fishing rods starting now

    ALSO due to a few ingame orders all future orders will take time to finish, no more instant service for a while (also highest payer gets on top of list quickest :p)

    Order form:
    amount of rods:
    price: (Im taking offers, I will pm you with new price if offer is too low)
    smp & res:
    also free delivery for orders to all smp's except 6, 6 has to pick up from my res on smp3

    this business is temporary and I reserve the right to deny orders if to large (or if 1.7 comes out because when it does i'm using the rods myself :p)

    Happy fishing :p
  2. Deal: (found this while killing spiders) a unbreaking 3 power 3 (fully repaired) bow for only 300r :D
  3. supply is high from killing hundreds of spiders :p
  4. alright i'll change the price of the bow to 200r if you make an order of rods with it :)
  5. anyone? this supply co. stops taking orders tomorrow and starts taking them again when orders are finished.......
  6. Add a list of stuff to supply and people might buy.
  7. is the title not obvious enough?
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  8. whoops, i didn't read the thread right. :p
  9. i stopped by and bought some :)
  10. you could of ordered some on the forums :p
  11. Amount of rods: 54?(if to many, 27 will suffice)
    Price: 270r(it's just sticks and string)
    Delivery: SMP9 19239
  12. ready (im at your res)
    Edit: Ill get back on when you pay 270r (all 54 are ready and in my 4th vault)
  13. i know :) what is the most you will sell at one time?
  14. I had alot of string, I ran out of sticks before I ran out of string :p, I can do a quick inventory check for ya
  15. amount of rods: 54
    price: 200
    smp & res: SMP1 - 1148
  16. could ya do 250r? otherwise im ready on smp1
  17. Uh nope. It's 200. And I'll pay in a bit on my iPhone but I can't setup your chest until tomorrow. After I pay I wouldn't mind if you want to set it up on your residence, I'm fine with pickup.
  18. alright I suppose, but don't forget to look at the boat shop while your on my res :pP
  19. :p I already set up the chest and left you a little note since the money you saved on the rods would be useful :p