[ SELLING ] Fire Resistance Potions

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  1. Ok, we all know that new 1.5 update will be coming soon and we will ALL need fire resistance potions. Here is how i will sell them:

    SC: 250r

    DC: 500r

  2. I'm agreeing on the prices being a tad high, I wouldn't sell above 500 for a DC
  3. Ill make modifications :)
  4. Are they 3:00 or 8:00? If 8, I'll take a dc for the kids.
  5. Ill set up access chest at 5136 on utopia once i get bak to town. xD
  6. Died in end by endermen...... yah ended up spawning at my bed spawn, 10k out xD
  7. 10k at red's outpost? LOL
  8. No, not that one, that is only 5k
  9. ill buy for 1k for all
  10. what do you mean, you want 1DC 2DC 1SC or 2SC on and on and on, tell me what your order is please.
  11. i want as many i can get for 2.5k
  12. so...... how many is that 5 dc?
  13. ok thats how many i want what server r u on
  14. Give me a while to get your order ready im kinda busy atm, but i promise to have your order done withing 3 hours :)