[SELLING] Feast for a King

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  1. feast for a king.png

    It's too hard to price something this new, so let's hear some offers!
  2. 15k? I know the Turkey are at around 7k (at most) and since these tell you the locations of the chest they're found in. 15k (imo) is a fair offer?
  3. I'll pay 20k for it.
  4. I'd say 15-20k :)
  5. I'd pay 20,001r :)
  6. I'm not sure what you mean, but I think it's confused.
    Unless I'm horribly mistaken, these are just useless pieces of paper.

    I'm not allowed to auction it, but feel free to continue this pseudo-auction :p
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  7. I was just passing a general price. Also saying this is a useless piece of paper is like saying the 2012 Valentine's Rose is just a useless rose...
  8. I mean to say that they don't tell you the location of anything as far as I know.
  9. He's trying to say that the chest's location itself is revealed in chat when it spawns.
  10. Oh. :p I understand now.

    I think they are considerably rarer than the super turkeys, and the turkeys drop 10+ cooked turkeys sometimes so could be worth over 70k by your price (Turkey Slicer obviously not included).

    I think if someone says 50k it's theirs.
  11. Do I hear a 40k?
  12. 50k
  13. You, sir, are an excellent bargainer. I can do mail. I can also do more than one now. :]
  14. lol...
  15. I still have another.
  16. Done. I'll take payment as confirmation and mail it. :]
  17. Ok, I want em gone. I put them all in a chest at /v 2020 for 35k each.