[Selling] FancyPants Enchanted Bows (Single Chest)

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  1. I have this chest of Fancy Enchanted Bows to sell. There's 27 of them, and here's a little breakdown:

    7 Infinity bows, some with other enchants, some not.
    7 Power IV bows, some with other enchants, some not.
    6 Flame/Power IV bows
    7 Flame bows, some with other enchants, some not.

    All unused, of course.

    I'm asking 15 thousand rupees for the chest. You can pick up on SMP8, or we could work something out.
  2. Sphax <3
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  3. Argh...... So tempting, but no. I'm going to save up to buy one of your grinders :p
  4. :D You could resell some of those infinity bows and make the grinder money in no time!
  5. 15k? Humm takes me down to 100k again :/
  6. Well, would they just be for you to play with, or would they be an investment for reselling?

    If this is too many bows at once, maybe a couple of you would want to split it? I thought a single chest would be a good size to sell, but if you think it's too much, let me know.
  7. It would be for use maybe resell some dunno
  8. Ok. Well, if no one wants to buy these as a bulk deal, I will consider selling them separately.
  9. I dunno 12.5?
  10. What, you want the chest for 12.5?
  11. Yep
  12. Okay! Consider it done :D
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  13. Sold!

    Brought by me