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  1. Today I'm selling these extra promos in my collection. Please reply to the thread which item you are interested in buying. I will update the OP when an item is gone.
    (I have kept most of these promos below average price to prevent extensive haggling)

    Promo List / Price:

    Ore Buster x8- 450k Each
    Holiday Pick - 160k
    Momentus Helmet - 50k
    Diamond Voucher - 420k
    Iron Voucher x2 - 100k each
    Holiday Message - 275k
    Ham Hacker - 35k
    2012 Empire Firework - 68k
    Turkey Slicer (Drop) - 45k
    Freedom Blade - 125k
    Dirt Destroying Ticking Clock - 60k
    Lucky Bow - 150k
    Signed Krysyy Book - "Thank you EMC" - 100k
    Haunted Head 2013 - 50k
    2014 Birthday Cake - 20k
    Headless Horseman Mask 2014 - 38k
    2013 Empire Firework - 30k
    Love Potion no. 9 - 70k
    Pot of Gold x2 - 20k each
    Chicken Skewer x4 - 40k each
    Sharpshooter - 40k
    Bubble Boots - 40k
    Shear Madness - 40k

    Thank you in advance!

    Other promos are on sale at /v 257 promos, if you don't see anything here you like
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  2. Could I buy the Momentus Helm plz? :)
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  3. Yup will send after payment. :)
  4. kk I'll send you the money soon...I'm gonna get on around 4 emc time so I'll send it then. ;)
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  5. Could you do the holiday pick for 140-150?
  6. Meet in the middle at 150k?
  7. Paying, half from ltcorp btw
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  8. Sent. Thanks!
  9. Iron Voucher x2 - 100k
  10. Yup will mail after payment
  11. Headless Horseman Mask 2014 - 38k
    Edit: Sorry, can not buy that right now.
  12. Will decided to not get this. Still available. Vouchers are sent though
  13. Can i buy a Dirt Destroying Ticking Clock ?
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  14. Yup. I'll send one your way after payment! Thanks
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  15. Sent. Thanks!
  16. Paid :p
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  17. I will be back this evening 4/13/2016 at around 10pm server, thanks for the business so far everyone!
  18. Hello! i would like to purchase the 2 pots of gold :)
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  19. Yup will mail after payment. :)
  20. They're 20k each, not total. Would you still like them?