[SELLING] Exp Potions - 25r

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  1. The vision is complete!

    The concept was to sell a base tool:
    Diamond Pick, Efficiency V Unbreaking III (1350r)

    You pick your ebooks:
    Fortune III (425r) or Silk Touch (199r)

    Pick up some Exp if needed:
    Exp Bottle (8 for 200r, or 25r per)

    Use the public anvil and Bob's your uncle, you are set!

    Work with a Diamond Sword, an Axe, a Bow, a ChestPlate - what ever you need!

    Goods are always in stock too, we maintain very high inventory levels to make sure you always get what you need!

    Other deals online now:
    Saddles: 88r
    Emeralds: 35r
    Villager Eggs: 15r
    Glowstone: 15r

    And don't forget to check out the free section at the back of the store, something different every week!

    SMP4 /v GWEEEDZ /v +ebooks
  2. The base model is a bit pricey, no? Most people sell picks for that price with F3/S1 already applied. Correct me if I'm wrong, though.
  3. I've seen stores with the picks for far more expensive and some cheaper. My main business is selling the enchanted books, the picks and tools are provided as a value add service. The Exp bottles are also a value add service and I haven't seen those cheaper anywhere (in a store that has stock).

    Most people buy the books though, and I go through 75 - 100 a day.
  4. Fair enough. So long as you're getting lots of customers you must be doing something right xD
  5. I did some more research and was happy to see other shops catching up with more reasonable pricing. I revamped my costing system to reflect some production improvements and I think you will like the lower prices ....

    Pick - E5 U3 - 1350r
    Sword - S5 Us - 1200r
    Bow - Po5 U3 Pu2 F1 I1 - 4000r

    Unbreak3 - 430r
    Infinity - 200r
    Many other prices dropped to the lowest ever.

    Stop by SMP4 /v Gweeedz - /v +ebooks
  6. How much are your protection 4 books?
  7. The Protection IV enchanted books are 910 rupees
  8. ..and over 100 in stock. You will never see a stock light out at gweeedz'.
  9. Feel free to sell glowstone and saddles to any of my shops. I also take XP bottles 22r each if you fill up the orders you have now.
  10. OK, thanks Azoundria. If I get to the point that all the store and supply DCs are filled I'll sell the overflow to your stores.
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