[Selling] EXP Bottles!

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  1. Hello! I've been collecting EXP bottles for a bit, and i've decided to sell them. If that's a smart move or not, I may never know, but hobey-ho, let's go!
    32 EXP bottles : 600r
    64 EXP bottles : 1200r
    I reside in smp6, if you would like to be delivered these items, it would be an extra 15r fee.
    Extra Discounts:
    192 EXP bottles bought together : 100r off.
    256 EXP bottles bought together : 150r off.
    50r off going forwards of every stack.

    I'm well in stock currently so buy early, and good luck with your enchants! :)
  2. Quick bump, for easier access, i've set up a small shop at smp6, res number 12936.
    Once you go there, turn right, and you should see it! Enjoy.