[Selling] Exp Bottles

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  1. I am currently selling Exp Bottles out front of 17160 on smp8.

    There is 3,456 in stock.
  2. I would totally auction it. You would make a killing.
  3. Nah, Auctions for these peaked at 30k Even now, I might see 50k
  4. Even with the new shortage?
  5. Eh, i guess I might as well try it./
  6. I would just give it the starting bid of how much you would make off of your entire store chest. Cant go wrong with that!:)
  7. How much each bushy?
  8. Got any more Bushy? Need about 5-9 stacks
  9. if the perms werent taken, 17160 should have some, out front.
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  10. is there anymore left?
  11. Bushy is banned - you could try though
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  12. *unbanned*
    Lost everything though
  13. Oh yay, good to see my favourite supplier back :3