Selling EXP bottles!

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  1. Please order now! 600r per stack. Minimum order is 1 stack, max is a double chest.
  2. How quickly could you fill a doublechest?
  3. Well there is one full already! 1004, punch the bulk buy sign!
  4. Nice, I'll have to swing by and see what's left by the time I get home from work.
  5. I might be able to set up 2 of them.. You want both?
  6. I might, depends how many of the auctions I win that I'm already leading in.
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  7. I want 2 stacks please
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  8. Sure! Ill Pm u when ready :D
  9. 2 stacks for me! 1200r
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  10. save some for me ill take 2 stacks as well
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  11. Alright Ill set up individual chests for u guys!
  12. Why not, a stack please.
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  13. yeap! Ill Fix up a chest for u guys (Ill pm once ready!)
  14. ALL ready! Pick up at 1004! :D
  15. I will when I have the time. :p
  16. I'll take 2 stacks :)
  17. The
    Theres a chest (buy) waiting for u on 1004
  18. can i take 6 stacks?
  19. Yeah sure just buy at 1004