Selling-Everything you need to kill a boss or win mob arena

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  1. Hello EMC.

    I'm selling god gear, it will kill marlix/momentus or an enraged also helped me 5 times to win mob arena.

    Here it is...

    Diamond armor with protection4 (if you want more stuff on it it's extra)

    Diamond sword with sharpness5 looting3 (if you want more stuff on it it's extra)

    2 god apples

    2 fire potions

    3 regen 2min potions

    (If you would like a bow not a sword I will give)

    Total(without all extra)
  2. I have better gear than that and it costed me less than 15k... i would suggest lowering your price
  3. No problem
  4. What would the bow have on it?
  5. What do you mean by god apples?...
  6. how much for just the god apples
  7. God apples on sale at 8402 smp food floor
    God apples have a regen4 fire resist you dont have to be hunger to eat them and resist
    It would have power 4or5 punch2 infinity (more enchantment on it if you like to pay extra)
  8. enchanted apples....god is just something ppl believe in.. know the difference...
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  9. I think he means notch apples
  10. They are what the mind can say they are :p