[Selling] *Every* Breed of Horse!!

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  1. That's right! If you are after a quality horse with the markings to suit you, look no further, just visit:

    kewtey @ SMP5 !!

    You can browse the horses upstairs and then teleport to the shop in the corner at the bottom.

    Due to the way horse eggs work in shop chests, sometimes the chests will be out of stock. There is a light above chests with stock. If you want a particular horse that has been recently bought, either catch me online, or post here and I will restock asap.

    All horses have at least 75% speed, although most are between 80% and 95%. The highest is currently 106%.
  2. Forgot to say, your first click on a sign tells you the stats of the horse inside the chest, you have to click the same sign twice to confirm the purchase!