Selling ESCD, Holiday Candle, Pot of Gold, Vault Vaucher and many more

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  1. Selling many Promo Items

    Hello this is TwistedWolfGames from Smp7. I am currently selling 7 different promos which a few have 2.
    2x Magical Eggcellent Wand---19k each
    2014 Labor Bench---19k
    2x Holiday Candle---20k
    2x ESCD---35k each
    2014 New Years Empire Firework---25k
    Pot of Gold---20k
    Vault Voucher---11k

    Message me in privately to tell me which items you would like to buy and what time you can buy them and pick them up from my plot on smp7 at ./v twistedwolfgames.

    Thank you for looking at my post and thank you even more if you buy anything